Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo

Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo is a community gardening organization that works collaboratively with the public and private sectors, including the City of Buffalo, block clubs and other not-for-profit organizations, to revitalize neighborhoods and build quality of life through the reuse and beautification of vacant land. We are an independent, 501(c) 3 organization devoted to helping people create and sustain community gardens on vacant, city-owned and privately-owned lots in Buffalo. We support over 50 community gardens located on previously vacant lots in the City of Buffalo

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Donations Help Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo Grow This Season.

Valu Home Centers recently provided Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo with a $500 garden tool donation at Plantasia, where we also received a donation of various flowering shrubs from WNYSNLA at the culmination of the show.  Please visit our website( for more information about these wonderful donations!